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Covid-19 Update

There’s a lot of pressure on work forces across Australia right now due the outbreak of Covid-19. The building industry, in particular, is under a lot of stress; but we want you to know that we will continue to serve our customers as best as we possibly can. Just as we have in other times of crisis across Australia, we will continue to provide a professional standard of service to all our customers in the Brisbane Region and its surrounds.

As of the 23rd of March, it has been declared across Queensland that essential services were to remain open. Amongst those essential services are building and construction. Under this framework, Roo Roofing would be considered an essential service, and will therefore still operate our business with the same level of care to our customers as it always has. Our Brisbane based company comprises decades of industry experience and peerless expertise, and we promise we’re doing everything we can to abide with the measures brought in by the government.


It will be business as usual for Roo Roofing, but we want you to know that the health and hygiene of both our employees and clients are of utmost importance to our business. That’s why we’ve developed a contingency plan for everybody’s safety.


We want you to know that we’re putting practices in place to best serve our community with increased levels of hygiene and sanitation. Practices like these have always existed within our business, but you can rest assured that Roo Roofing is taking measures to make sure these plans are adhered to as vigilantly as ever during this time. We’ll also be doing everything we can to adhere to the strict social distancing guidelines that have been brought in by the state and federal government.


No matter what you need, be it a roof replacement, roof restoration, asbestos roof replacement, roof repairs or building works – we will continue to take on every job with the highest quality workmanship and professionalism to satisfy our most valuable asset: the health, safety and satisfaction of our customers.


It’s the contingency plans Roo Roofing is putting in place that really count in this time, and you can rest easy knowing that our business will continue to adjust as the situation evolves.