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7 DIY home projects using your old decramastic roof

Decided to replace your old decramastic roof? As experts in roof replacement brisbane, we know that it can be an important move to replace your old metal roof, but what do you do with this old roof once it is taken off your home? In this post, we share some recycling/upcycling projects you could use to decorate your home and outdoor areas using old metal roofing materials.

Wall Art

  1. Create welcome signs for your home - cut old roof sheet metal and paint it to make a sign with a welcome message to greet guests when they enter your home.
  2. Shapes - cut out different shapes and hang them on a wall in your home to create a focal point in a room. You could paint the pieces or leave them in their original form to create a rustic feel in your home.


Around the home

  1. Picture Frame - cut picture frames out of the old metal roof to frame some of your favourite photographs and art.
  2. Magnetic board - Roofing metals are magnetic and can be used to make great magnetic boards - use them in your home office or even in the kitchen.
  3. Candle votives - cut to size to wrap around candles of your choice, punch holes and designs into the metal, and slip over candles - works great outdoors or in the bathroom for a relaxing effect.



Image Source

  1. Yard Art - add a little character to your garden and backyard by creating yard art with your old roofing material - you could make (or get made out of your scrap roof metals) into butterflies or dragonflies.
  2. Bird bath/feeder - Open up your backyard to nature and birds will flock as long as you have a bit of water and a safe area for them to congregate.