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5 Roofing Trends in Brisbane in 2019

In this post, we feature 5 innovative roofing trends in Australia to keep Brisbane residents updated on the hottest trends in roof and building services.

Roof trends are like fashion trends but they aren’t just about looks. There are knockout roofs that can improve your house value but there are also innovative roofs with features that help keep those living under them safe and comfortable. So whether it’s more stylish, better looking or more cutting-edge, getting such a roof to replace yours is an upgrade to your home that you and your loved ones will benefit from for years.

To help choose the trendiest roof that would be perfect for you, here are the most popular roof trends in Australia:

1. Solar Tiles Roofs

Solar tiles, or photovoltaic tiles, are solar panels that resemble and function like regular shingles while still enabling homeowners to convert the energy from sunlight into electricity and lower their electricity costs.

The tiles also help lower global carbon emissions - unlike conventional power plants, solar panels don’t produce emissions.

By generating energy at home in such a clean way, solar tiles help reduce your carbon footprint, letting you contribute to the fight against climate change.

2. Green Roofs

Also called rooftop gardens or living roofs, green roofs are partially or completely covered with plants. They’re popular all over the country for the benefits they provide as well as the boost in aesthetic appeal to homes and high-rises.

For example, green roofs help reduce the urban heat island effect. This effect occurs when there is so much human activity and urban structures in an area that it becomes warmer than the surrounding areas. Brisbane is a densely populated city, so it’s one of the country’s urban heat islands. Since plants are great at absorbing and trapping heat, Brisbane residents who have green roofs effectively help cool the city, making it a much more comfortable place to live in.

3. Butterfly Roofs

Butterfly roofs are roofs shaped like the wings of a butterfly. In other words, they’re V-shaped and slope into the middle of the roof, unlike most other roofs, which are triangular.

Butterfly roofs can last longer than other roofs mainly by the way they are designed. Their shape makes them extremely aerodynamic and this means they are highly resistant to strong winds, like coastal winds, and extreme weather, like cyclones.

Since Brisbane is not only located on the country’s east coast but also gets hit with extreme weather every year, butterfly roofs are a good roof shape option if you're building a new house in Brisbane or completely renovating your house.

4. “Form Meets Function” Roofs

There are roofs designed not only to look amazing but also work in unique ways. One such roof is the roof of The Brewery Yard, a factory in Sydney’s popular Chippendale City.

The Brewery Yard’s cooling towers are placed on its roof. To let them take in the large volumes of air needed to work properly but keep them and the factory’s workers protected from the elements, the cooling towers are covered in a semi-transparent zinc mesh. Zinc is a pretty tough roofing material, as we discussed in our previous post on the 4 most popular metal materials for roofing, so the factory’s state-of-the-art roof can surely stand up to the country’s potentially extreme weather without much issue.

5. Pressed Metal Tile Roofs

If you want to replace your roof and have lots of options to choose from, a pressed metal tile roof replacement might very well be what you need.

Not only are they exceptionally durable, pressed metal roofing tiles have various distinctive profiles. There’s Tudor, which has an elegant look and a satin-like texture; Antica, which has the same refined look of classic Mediterranean clay tiles; and Slate, which look just like the rock.

With so many pressed metal tile roofs to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s right for you. But if you need help making that choice, contact a trusted provider of roof and building service in Brisbane for advice, like Roo Roofing.


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