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3 Misconceptions about Tile Roofs In Brisbane


Whether you’re installing a roof on your new home build or replacing an old roof, choosing the right material is essential.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each material, and this can make it a difficult decision.

In this blog, we’ll debunk 3 common misconceptions about tile roofs to make things easier for you.

Tile Roofs Leak

It’s commonly been thought that the clay materials used in tile roofs can absorb water, leading to leaks. However, this is not true. Tiles like terracotta are baked at high temperatures and glazed with a waterproof coating to repel water. Concrete tile roofs are also similarly coated. Thanks to this, tile roofs can withstand days of rain and storms without leaking.

Tile Roofs Overheat

Another common misconception is that tile roofs overheat. However, all roof materials get hot in the summer sun, whether it's tiles, concrete or slate. The amount of heat entering your home is influenced by the insulation more than the material. With a tile roof, a layer of insulation will help to reduce the heat.

Tile Roofs are too Heavy

If your house doesn’t currently have a tile roof and you wish to install one, you may be told that a tile roof will be too heavy for your house. This is a common misconception that if a house was not originally built with a tile roof, then the structure won’t be strong enough to support one. However, there are modern lightweight roof tiles available to suit your needs.

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