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Looking for the Ultimate Suburb in Brisbane?

Brisbane is the capital of the "sunshine state"; with a friendly and relaxed vibe for stress-less living, but also offering an ever-growing city for those looking for exciting, cultural experiences. In this post, we talk about 3 suburbs that might be ideal to live in if you’re thinking of moving in or to Brisbane. We look at them in terms of proximity to shops, local transport, access to basic services, schools and general affordability.


Bulimba sits right on the Brisbane River, offering a scenic and convenient waterside location. In Bulimba, you get the sense of relaxed separation while still being near the city. Public transport is excellent, featuring a ferry stop that carries people to key spots along the river.

Bulimba also boasts a good selection of schools. The suburb is home to a host of restaurants and cafes, a number of popular bars and various boutique stores. Bulimba is the perfect combination of quiet suburban living with all the creature comforts of city life, featuring many beautiful modern homes as well as Queenslander style houses. 


Famous for its long history, Nundah is rich in cultural offerings. It is said that the Turrbul tribe, who were the first Indigenous Australians to live on this land, named this suburb Nundah, which means “chain of water holes”.

You can still find the conventional workers’ cottages that Europeans built during the mid-19th century, but now combined with high-rise architecturally-designed apartments and business establishments that have proliferated in the area since the building of railways in the 70’s.

People consider Nundah to be one of Brisbane’s fastest developing urbanised villages. Like Bulimba, it’s close to the city but far enough from the hustle and bustle that it doesn't feel overcrowded. Nundah is also in the perfect position for public transport - acting as a transport hub to anywhere in Brisbane via Bus or Train and just a couple of stations away from both the domestic and international Brisbane airports.


Aside from its proximity to the Brisbane River, Graceville’s green spaces make it ideal for recreational activities and family living. Like a growing number of suburbs in Brisbane, it has a community garden where local produce can be grown organically.

Families who want to raise their kids in a quiet, yet accessible suburb choose to live in Graceville because of its wide selection of private and public schools. It also has a number of churches, theatres, green spaces, parks, playing courts, and cafes. And similar to Nundah, it’s great for public transport.



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