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A Suburb Profile of Beenleigh, Logan

Considering moving near Brisbane and looking for a suburb to meet your needs? In this post, we share a brief suburb profile on Beenleigh, Logan.

Picture this: You’ve found the perfect home, only the roof isn’t exactly in an ideal condition. Beenleigh is a beautiful area but it has a big percentage of older homes. Don’t let older roofs deter you from picking a great home. At Roo Roofing, we specialise in roof restoration and replacement for older homes, having experience all over Queensland, especially South East Queensland.

Beenleigh is located next to the M1 motorway which connects Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It’s only 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD or 40 mins from the Gold Coast. It can be reached by road or rail.

Beenleigh is close enough to the city centres but also still has a great small-town feeling. With the low crime rate, convenient location thanks to local public transport, and easy access to major cities on both sides, you can see why the locals like to keep it a secret. The only things Beenleigh is missing is a major shopping centre, hospital and university/tafe, however all of these can be found within a 10 minutes drive. 

The Housing Market

Shopping around on the various real estate websites, the average price to buy a home in this area is $329,750 or $345 per week to rent. 

Know your neighbours to-be

As a relatively small area, Beenleigh is home to 8,252 people (as of 2016).

The majority of residents can be categories into three groups:

  1. Established couples & families
  2. Older couples & families
  3. Independent Youth

There are currently four schools (Primary & Secondary) in the area - Beenleigh State School, Beenleigh State High School, St Joseph’s Tobruk Memorial School and Trinity College. 

There are also several nice parks nearby, making it a great place for families.

It’s also a great place to live if you are interested in Internet Speeds. It’s one of the pioneer suburbs for the Australian NBN

What’s there to do in the area?

Beenleigh is best known for the heritage-listed tourist attraction called the Beenleigh Artisan Distillery.

Also you can visit the famous Beenleigh Historical Village & Museum or indulge yourself at Poppy’s Chocolate Factory

Beenleigh is often referred to as the town with three beginnings, because of three separate attempts to establish a township in the region. Perhaps it's the next place for you to consider a new beginning? 



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